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JudgeMENTAL: An American Metal Band

JudgeMENTAL's Mission Statement

JudgeMENTAL's mission is to keep running with the heavy metal torches lit by the metal greats of the 80's and 90's. We will speak the brutal truth and we will speak it LOUDLY.

Forget formulas and trivial conventions— this music is about making the sounds that JudgeMENTAL loves— a feat attempted by very few in our generation.

In a time when everything seems to be about technical overkill, core metal, useless screaming, and formulated radio rock—JudgeMENTAL has forsaken these commercial conventions.

JudgeMENTAL sounds like JudgeMENTAL—this will be so until the band is no more. Shredding guitars, killer grooves, sick changes, attitude, brutality, truth, and justice... it's all here—loud and in your fucking face—and It cannot be stopped.

JudgeMENTAL is carving out their place in the metal world—Join us—or run for cover.




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