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JudgeMENTAL: Bios

JudgeMENTAL | Steve Mental

Steve Mental: Guitar & Lead Vocal

Steve has been the front-man for several polka -zydeco fusion bands. He is herpe-free and has never been convicted of sexual assault. Steve occasionally hires migrant workers to choke him in the shower.

JudgeMENTAL | Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright: Guitar

Ryan is a Olympic Skip Champion. He likes long walks on the beach and hyper-obese dogs. His favorite candy is Skittles.

JudgeMENTAL | Ozzy Overton

Ozzy Overton: Bass Guitar

Ozzy is a charter member of the Arkansas Yacht Club for Young Offenders. He has also lived as a Peruvian woman—named Esther Soledad— who sold hand made blankets on the beach. Ozzy has nine cats and is youth pastor at his local tabernacle.

JudgeMENTAL | Brock Calvert

Brock Calvert: Drums

Brock is first and foremost a survivor of massive hemorrhoid syndrome. He learned to play drums from a Pakistani Midget while in rehab for his windex addiction. Brock lives in Arkansas with his 16 cousins and pet racoon,"Cooter".

JudgeMENTAL or members of JudgeMENTAL have shared the stage with these touring bands:

All That Remains
Smile Empty Soul
Fire to Reason
Decrepit Birth
The Used

JudgeMENTAL uses and abuses:

ESP Guitars, BC Rich Guitars, Fender Amplification, Mesa Boogie Cabinets, & Zoom Effects.

Washburn Guitars, Kramer Guitars, Line 6 Amplification and Cabinets

Schecter Bass Guitars, Ampeg Amplification & Gallien-Krueger Cabinets

Pacific Drums and Percussion, Paiste Cymbals, & Pearl Hardware

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